Tuesday, January 25, 2011

:: aed life : 01 ::

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

     Do you want to be an architect? hmm..as an introduction, here I just want to share about what I've studied as an Architecture and Environmental Design student a.k.a AED student because now, I'm studying in Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) of IIUM. Actually, this course is quite challenging especially if you don't have any basic in drawing, but don't worry because you will learn the architectural drawing in 'graphic communication'. Basically, we have to study 7 core courses in this CFS which are ::
  • graphic communication 1
  • graphic communication 2
  • environmental design
  • introduction to built environment
  • introduction to mathematics
  • introduction to economy
  • introduction to statistics
    In addition, we have to take the Islamic and computer courses ::
  • basic theme of al-Quran
  • understanding Islam (for students who not study Pendidikan Al-Quran and as-Sunnah (PQS) and Pendidikan Syariah Islamiyah (PSI) in their secondary school)
  • religions in Malaysia (for students who study Pendidikan Al-Quran and as-Sunnah (PQS) and Pendidikan Syariah Islamiyah (PSI) in their secondary school)
  • computer 1
     To tell the truth, if you want to enter the IIUM main campus either Gombak or Kuantan campus, you have to pass all the courses especially English subject because it is the medium of communication language since IIUM is an international university. Back to the main topic, in fact, all of the core course are related each other. 

what will be offered to AED students in the main campus?
  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural studies
  • Bachelor of Architecture (part 2 of science in architectural studies)
  • Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Bachelor of Quantity Surveying
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 
Don't you interest with all of the offers? Think wisely because our country is still developing. So, the demand from the architectural professions are quite higher..n_n
Later, I'll share more about what we do in those core subjects.

p/s :: I'm sorry if any grammatical error exist because I didn't pass my English yet...n_n...If you detect the grammatical error, please help me to correct it. The way you think determine who you are. Hence, I do this in order to improve my English and hopefully you can share your grammar skills to me...hehe 

...wallahu a'lam...


  1. salam.
    baris last : it should be "you can share your grammar skills WITH me" not "to me".
    wallahua'lam.(still learning too..)

  2. salam!

    great! keep it up as practise makes perfect!

  3. quite good but must improve on ur vocab... some word not quite suit in some sentences... :)

  4. try to listen zain bikha's songs, maher zain & dawud wharnsby ali with their lyrics at once~
    islamic english songs helped out 4 me.

    since we r students n listening to musics while studying is a custom^^

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  6. "...it is an intermediate language as long as IIUM is an international university. "

    This actually means, ianya adalah bahasa yang sederhana selagi UIAM adalah universiti antarabangsa..."

    Well said actually, but I supposed you want to say..

    "it is the medium language used in lectures and tutorials as IIUM is an international university... "

    P.S.: It takes courage and open-mindedness for people like us who are willing to let others to point out our mistakes.. Nice job!

    Keep up the good works!


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